Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday's Eye Candy Craft Space

Seriously, you would so be lying if you told me that you do not want Amanda's craft room! I am *so* jealous! But we can't all have amazing dads that can build an entire custom craft room like hers! I also wish I had even a quarter of her supplies! Feast your eyes on these pictures. I'm not going to even begin to explain her organization and such, because I couldn't do it better than Amanda herself! (http://www.kevinandamanda.com/photos/scraproom/new/)


  1. oh I'm sooooo jealous.. I love the scraproom.

  2. Wow... I don't do scrap booking, but I love the paper anyway. This room is amazingly beautiful. My husband said, "yeah but how often is it that clean?" No comment from me :) It did remind me that I should take pictures of mine since it is *kinda* clean :)

  3. Holy Cow! That is gorgeous! I just recently bought some craft cubes at Michaels that I love, but wow I love her room more! lol

    I really love those big desks and the openness of the room!