Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saw It. Loved It.

So I know, I know! I am absolutely horrible about following through with my weekly, daily, monthly, etc. features! I am going to try my absolute best to keep up with some of them though! If I am getting behind, show the comment love and push me!

So...for my "Saw It. Loved It." theme today is Thanksgiving!

Isn't this page kit just adorable? Especially the little turkey guy! I could definitely see myself using this Give Thanks Kit to create my Thanksgiving scrapbooking page!

So I'm not so sure about you, but the most Thanksgiving-like scent to me is definitely pumpkin spice! This Spiced Pumpkin Cold Process Soap looks good enough to eat!

This Be Thankful Pillow would look wonderful on your couch for the holiday! It is just too cute!

1 comment:

  1. Hello, I love the cute little pillow. Also I just wanted to thank you again for being my first Etsy purchase months ago. Its nice to see your blog;and invite you to visit my blog. Mine is: